A well-designed workplace: good for your employees and your business

Brackengate 2 is a model contemporary business and light industrial office park, designed according the latest urban planning and architectural principles to achieve maximum efficiency, security and comfort. Spacious open areas, well-designed road networks and plenty of parking will make Brackengate 2 a uniquely pleasant place to work, increasing your ability to attract and retain the best staff.



To ensure the peace of mind of its occupants, Brackengate 2 boasts advanced security features – including a 24-hour manned gatehouse, constantly-monitored CCTV cameras on the roads and boundaries, and electric fencing around the entire perimeter.


The park will feature indigenous, water-wise groundcovers with densely planted shade trees. Generous public open spaces will be contoured to form an undulating landscape in keeping with the surrounding area and creating a pleasant, park-like environment.


With hi-speed connectivity now such a critical productivity tool, we will ensure that all tenants at Brackengate 2 will have access to the advanced fibre optic infrastructure already deployed in this node. Working together, we can design your new premises to be as technologically advanced as your business requires.


Naturally, every building in Brackengate 2 will fully comply with the XA Energy Efficiency calculations. However, over and above this baseline, we are committed to working with all our tenants to develop a sustainable business park that will lower the running costs and the carbon footprint of all the individual buildings within it.